The Sudden Urge to Jump

12182995_1065587603474522_4743907017375554740_oFull Length: approx. 90 minutes
Characters: 2 female/2 male
Time/Place: Present; Witt’s video store and the shadows surrounding it.

Synopsis: After her sister’s funeral, Laney tries to help her bumbling brother Witt revive his dying video store.  Witt’s friend Tate lends a hand to the effort – but brings more to the mix than Laney bargained for.

Production History

  • Reading with Skylight Theatre Company, LABWorks, October and November 2013 (Dir. Susan Morgenstern)
  • Reading with Wordsmyth Theatre Company, Houston, TX, November 2015


This script was developed with Skylight Theatre Company’s PlayLab in Los Angeles, CA.

More Information

If you are interested in reading the script, please contact Chelsea Sutton directly HERE.


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