Judy Presley On A Binge

10481885_10103433923217177_2655837247258529554_nFull Length: approx. 120 minutes
Characters: 5 female/3 male
Time/Place: Present. The Grand Elisnore Hotel, Halloween.

Synopsis: The play follows the employees of The Grand Elsinore Hotel and their most treasured and troublesome yearly guest, Judy Presley, only two days before the Elsinore’s infamous Halloween party.  When Assistant Manager Jamie wakes up to find a hotel guest dead and bloodied next to her, a panic ensues as her co-workers and Judy scramble to solve the murder, protect Jamie’s reputation, and, most importantly, find Judy the most important Halloween costume she’ll ever wear.

Production History

  • Reading with Brimmer Street Theatre Company, 2014. Part of Brimmer Street’s Blue Print Series.

 More Information

This script is currently in development. For more information, contact Chelsea Sutton directly HERE.