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The Dead Woman, workshop with The Vagrancy, 2013
The Dead Woman, workshop with The Vagrancy, 2013. Photo by Andie Bottrell
Various Interviews I’ve done:

2007: Interview with Monstrous Little Productions

2009: Interview with LA Stage Blog – Hurricane Season 2009

2011: Interview with LA Stage Times about 99 Impossible Things

2012: Here’s an interview I did with AthroughZ (Now The Vagrancy): INTERVIEW!

2013: Adam Szymkowicz: I Interview Playwrights


As Writer:

“Writers Dana Amromin, Jason Britt, Jeff Folschinsky, Sean Kozma, Chelsea Sutton and Brad Wilcox nailed it in The Theory of Silence. The wide range of characters has you laughing throughout the entire show…The writing was spot on… Chelsea Sutton’s direction gave a nice perspective.”
–Life in LA

“Writer / director Chelsea Sutton has penned a script rich in imagery…. Sutton has managed to give voice to the poet within each character and directs these lyrical passages into truly touching and authentic moments within the play. – Splash Magazine

“The characters in this whimsical tale by Chelsea Sutton, who also directs, are so far out in so many ways that you’re sure you’ll never meet anyone like that. The problem is that the more you think of it, you begin to get the queasy feeling that you actually may know someone like that and perhaps even (gulp) there may be a little of YOU in the characters….if you’re into some off the wall fantasy, this is the kind of story you will enjoy.” –

“There is a beautiful poetry in Ms Sutton’s writing with more than a few moments that made me stop and lean forward in my seat.” – LA Theatre Review

As Director:

THE THEORY OF SILENCE, 2012: “It’s an intriguing premise, to be sure. In all, 14 townspeople take to the spotlight one by one to conjecture, shuffling past each other in nicely eerie staging. Many become vivid character sketches, deftly conjuring small-town weirdos just bizarre enough to feel real.” – LA Weekly

LOW TECH, 2013: “The company performs at a highly professional level, and the attention to detail that each department gives the work creates a sense of unity and clarity of vision that is rare in independent theater. All of these performances are delivered in the very capable hands of director Chelsea Sutton, who not only elicits a consistent style and aesthetic throughout the piece, but creates beautiful pictures on the stage, making almost every scene seem like a photo op.”

LOW TECH, 2013: “There are nine actors, some taking double and triple roles, and maneuvering all these characters on the postage stamp stage has to be more challenging than directing air traffic at LAX on a foggy night. Which brings us to the part where we name names. Director Chelsea Sutton moves the actors, the props and the dialog with seamless synchronism and knows how to bring out the inner insanity in every character.” –