Theater Overload: High Hopes & Rejections Edition

The Dead Woman, Workshop with The Vagrancy 2013.  Directed by Caitlin Hart.  Photo by Andie Bottrell.
The Dead Woman, Workshop with The Vagrancy 2013. Directed by Caitlin Hart. Photo by Andie Bottrell.

We’re almost three full months into 2013, and I feel like I’ve been running a theater marathon. And my emotional fuel is running on low.

I was thinking I might have a lesson to gain from all the work I’ve already done this year, but I don’t think I’m quite far enough through it to understand it in that way.

So this is a recap post more than anything.

The year started off swimmingly. I had an eight-day workshop of my play The Dead Woman with the fabulous theater company The Vagrancy and with the lovely and talented Caitlin Hart directing. It was truly an exhilarating experience – it was exciting and inspiring and sparked a new drive in my writing life. And I think I came out with a better script by the end of it. To top off the week, I found out the play was a Semi-Finalist for the Eugene O’Neill Playwrights Conference for this summer, so I got to send in my new draft.

On the work front, I’m still doing marketing at the Falcon Theatre and with Rogue Artists Ensemble, the former of which is opening a big show on April 5 and the latter is running a rather difficult but beautiful show right now…something we’ve been pushing marketing wise for the last couple months. Plus there’s all the calendar wrangling that has to happen at the Eclectic Company Theatre, where I’m VP of Production, at this time of the year, plus other ECT projects that are in the works. Yikes.

Then comes the directing: I somehow wrangled a reading of a new play for the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights back in February, and then of course there’s the main stage big complicated comedy Low Tech I’m currently directing at ECT…opening April 12 and taking over the majority of my time, thoughts and emotions from now until then.

On the writing front: I have to finish a draft of one play H.A.P. by April 1, a draft of another play The Sudden Urge to Jump by May 1, and a draft of a third play The Many Deaths of Kassie McGreevy by June 1. I participated in the first round of NYC Midnight’s Short Story contest by having to write a romance (another yikes) and am awaiting the results. Oh, and I’ve gotten three rejections from grad schools and am waiting for two more.

At this point, all I really want to do is lock myself in a cabin in the woods and write the novel that’s been burning a whole in my bag/computer, and be no where near a theater. Preferably with a bustle of strawberries and some freshly baked French bread.

Is that so much to ask?

2013 has already proven to be an amazing year – I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and the taste of rejection is a sour burning that sneaks up on me at my most vulnerable moments.  But I’m so lucky.  Look at everything that has already happened.  And it is only March.

Sometimes it’s a simple shift of perspective, a shift of blame, a shift of acceptance that may get you everything you asked for.  Which is maybe where the lesson comes in.  But I don’t have the energy to write it in my own words, so I’ll leave you with a poem by In-Q.  He is far more well-spoken than me.  In the meantime, I’ll work on a blog post that is less “re-cap of my life” because honestly, who cares?

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