Adventures in Directing: #LowTechThePlay

Low Tech postcard frontOver the past year I’ve been focusing more on my writing – but a year ago I jumped on board to direct a world premiere full-length comedy by my good friend Jeff Folschinsky at the Eclectic Company Theatre. And the time has finally come!

We started rehearsals two weeks ago with table work, but will get into the theater to start getting this thing on its feet this week. We have an incredible cast and amazing design team, and I’m confident it’s going to be one hell of a show.

As we go along I’ll want to blog more about the process, but for now I just want to announce the basic info. We got six weeks until show time folks – can’t wait!

And I did the graphic design – you like?

Low Tech

by Jeff Folschinsky
directed by Chelsea Sutton

After collapsing from exhaustion on High Tech International’s showcase stage, Allegra Marcos figures it’s time to simplify her life. But her boss, her friends, and her cell phone have a different plan. How will it all end? Only time,and this next light cue, might tell.

April 12 – May 19, 2013
Starring Mark Bate, Jason Britt, Megan Crockett, Michelle Danyn, Paul Duffy, Fuz Edwards, Dan Mandel, Amanda Smith & Tyler Tanner

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Twitter: @LowTech_ThePlay

Get tickets here!

One thought on “Adventures in Directing: #LowTechThePlay

  1. Love the graphic design! For some reason not able to “Like” it at the moment, but I’ll keep trying! Can’t wait to hear more about putting this show together – and I’m very excited to see the show when it opens!

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