Tiny Houses

fight-club1-300x198I was driving down the 605 freeway yesterday.  There was a truck in front of me.  On the bed of the truck was a tiny house.  Not built for any sized person, nor the family dog, unless it were one of the yippy lappy types.  It had a tiny door and tiny windows and a tiny porch.  And on its tiny roof was a For Sale sign.

The For Sale sign was not tiny.

For a moment, sitting in traffic, that tiny house sparked a weird sort of freedom.  I started to imagine a whole story, a whole series of stories, about what one might find in a house that size.  What would the rent be?  I was in a state of wonderment.

That is not, generally, how 2012 has been.

Mostly, I have felt as if I were locked within one of those tiny houses, cramped and breathless, hoping someone might help me crack open a window.

Perhaps you know the feeling.

Somewhere along the line my wonderment has dampened, has been shoved under then bed and molded.  You can smell it.  Since the world didn’t end, I suppose it is time to pull that wonderment out of the shadows and shine it up for 2013.

Some Updates:

Adam Szymkowicz interviewed me for his blog.  A side note: I only really know of two people who may have cried at the speech I gave at my high school graduation.  I padded the numbers a bit for dramatic effect.

Me and the Cast of "The Edge of a Disappearing Thing"
Me and the Cast of “The Edge of a Disappearing Thing”

The Seedlings Festival at Theatricum Botanicum went wonderfully.  The director and cast did a great job.  Quite fittingly, the play was about the end of the world that didn’t happen.  A comet was heading for the Earth…but it only managed to destroy the last twinges of love among three sisters.

I’m working on a lot of projects right now and getting very little done.  But I’ve never been so excited and so terrified about all the things I have to do.  So that has to be a good thing.  I suspect.

The Edge of a Disappearing Thing
The Edge of a Disappearing Thing

3 thoughts on “Tiny Houses

  1. I live in a trailer mounted Tiny Bungalow of 136 Sq ft plus a sleeping loft. 11 ft high cathedral ceilings,large windows,kitchen,bathroom,my favorite possessions. No mortgage,5 acres of land,the ability to go wherever and whenever i desire. Neither cramped nor breathless. I would only suggest you look at a tiny house in a different light. Your life seems to be locked up and living Tiny may be a solution to freeing up yourself.

  2. Thanks Robert. The tiny house was quite literally the size of a dollhouse or doghouse as I described. I didn’t even know “tiny houses” existed until I wrote this post. So no slight was intended. I was speaking of a metaphorical tiny emotional house 🙂

  3. No slight taken ! In a purely philosophical reply I hope you find your way out of the tiny house you are emotionally trapped within. 2013 shall be that year.

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