Seeds and Other Things

At this moment, I’m wishing I had some great advice to give or astute observation to share. Mostly, because I could use something like that myself.

Not that I should complain.

I have a reading of a short play of mine in a festival at Theatricum Botanicum called Seddlings this coming weekend, Oct 20 & 21 at 2pm. I’m excited about that. It’s something new, my director is great, and I love Theatricum. I felt honored to be invited to write something for this festival.

All in all, this is a good time for writing. I’m starting two new plays for two writers groups I’m in, including Katselas Playlab, and I’ll be doing a week long workshop of The Dead Woman sometime in January.  I’m also doing a complete rewrite/re-imagining of an old play in Eclectic Voices (the group I started at the Eclectic), trying to rewrite the rough draft of my novel The Amazing, plus trying to write short stories, submitting stuff to Fictionade on time and getting ready to do National Novel Writing Month again (this time, I’ll tackle the epic scifi/fantasy story I’ve had in my head since 7th grade…we’ll see).

But I’ve also had some rejection in the last month – which doesn’t fill me with confidence as I’m getting my grad school applications ready.

And I’ve had a heck of a time getting started. For the first time in a couple years, I’ve opened up my calendar to really give myself time to write. And how have I utilized this? By discovering new shows on Netflix.

I’m terrified and frustrated and anxious.  I’m happiest in all aspects of my life when the writing thing is going well.  When it’s not – everything else seems pointless.

Perhaps it is fitting that the festival this weekend is called Seedlings.  I feel like things have been planted and things are growing, but I’m just working toward bursting out of the dirt to get a little sun.

To sum up my feelings, here’s a short conversation between me and Life:

ME: I really expected to be more accomplished at the age of 27.
LIFE: You had expectations? THAT S**T IS HILARIOUS.
ME: You make me kinda depressed sometimes.
LIFE: If by depressed you mean lazy and terrified of failure. AMIRIGHT? ROFL!
ME: No need to be cruel. Hey, did you shrink all my pants from last winter?


I hope to see you at the reading this coming weekend!


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