The Dead Woman

I’ve been working on this damn play for maybe three years now.  Obviously, this hasn’t been consistent work – I wrote spurts of it here and there, ignored it for a long time, worked on it a bit in a writers workshop, ignored it a bit more, and then finally focused on it when I got involved in the writers group with AthroughZ Productions last September.

It’s still the basic story from that first idea.  But it’s gotten more complicated. It’s as if I had to grow up myself more before I could even try to tackle the idea.

Also, I had intended there to be only three female characters.  But this  character, this guy, Quinn, kept bugging me about how he had to be in the play with the rest of them, so I wrote him in.  Characters do that sometimes.  They don’t like being ignored.

The play is about two old friends, Zoe and April, who find a dead woman in an alley.  At first, they are just hoping the police show up in time for them to catch a movie.  But when Zoe starts seeing the dead woman talking to her, things spin out of control.  As Zoe, April and the convenience store clerk Quinn try to figure out where the corpse came from, time expands and the past and future become intertwined with the dead woman.

I don’t know if it works yet, but I’m lucky to be able to hear a rehearsed reading of it this coming Sunday July 22 at 2pm with some fabulous actors and a great director in AthroughZ’s New Play Series Blossoming.  Let’s hope this excitement and anticipation and pride I have for this play right now is only diminished in a healthy, constructive way, yeah?

Here’s an interview I did with AthroughZ: INTERVIEW!

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