Fictionade Magazine

Thanks to Facebook, I discovered this interesting new e-magazine that is just beginning to get off the ground.  Fictionade Magazine is very internet and writer-centric – it plans to hire staff writers to generate great fiction for their site and be involved in virtual meet the writer type events.  It’s a rather fresh idea…this idea of trying to actually compensate writers and encourage and reward good work.

As part of their submission process, they are asking writers to submit a 250 word story on their Facebook page.  Part of their plan is to get writers who can use social networking to promote themselves and the magazine.

So, as a piece of shameless self-promotion, please CLICK HERE and “like” my story!  I have until Friday March 30 to get as many likes as possible!  And go ahead and visit Fictionade’s Facebook page and like some of the other stories people have posted – there are some good ones 🙂


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