A Moment for Grammar

On a Sunday, I believe we should pause a minute for grammar.

Writing is my life.

I do not always use correct grammar.

I do not always spell things correctly.

That being said and having said that, it is an art form in itself to make love to language. To let the sound and taste of it take you over.

See that? I wrote a sentence fragment. I do that a lot. I sometimes write whole paragraphs in sentence fragments. I begin sentences with ‘but’ and ‘because.’ Sometimes it just tastes right on the tongue.

I cannot get enough of this video – an animation created with the words of Stephen Fry:

And a reminder from the poet Taylor Mali – I don’t care if your commas are in the right place, so long as your heart is:

One thought on “A Moment for Grammar

  1. I love this… I actually have a few grammar books (you probably know this already, but one of my hobbies is reading books about writing – and that has pulled in some books on grammar, too). I’m not at home where I can check the titles of all of them, although I found each interesting in their own way. I do recommend “Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies”… Very helpful and fun to read! Let me know if you have any interest in borrowing such books, Chels! I honestly don’t think you need them, but if you ever just feel like checking them out!

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