One Day Play!!

Okay, so there’s this thing we do at the Eclectic Company Theatre about twice a year now called ONE DAY PLAY.  I participated as a writer in the very first one last summer – and am happy to be back for the one happening TOMORROW AUGUST 13 – again, as writer.

Since I’m one of the writers, the fun for me begins tonight – we are all meeting up at 7pm tonight to start hashing out the plot, characters etc.  It should be a fun night – and the result is always…well…unexpected.  Last year my scenes involved throwing someone into a moat, a poor-excuse for a cheer-leading routine (I think?) and a very complicated unraveling of a metaphor about a dog house.

Here’s the info.  Check it out if you like to watch crazy fun stuff (and who doesn’t, right?)  – anything can happen!


Plays created in 24 hours have been around since the 1950s, when Rachel Rosenthal pioneered the form in Los Angeles. Most companies producing such entertainments will present an evening of short pieces, usually between ten and twenty minutes in length, all created within a period of 24 hours from concept to execution.

The Eclectic Company Theatre is taking the concept to a different level.  The ECT will present one full length play created in 24 hours. That is, one real play, not an evening of sketches. In 24 hours, a group of writers and actors will create, rehearse and bring to performance a single new play.

You may have seen 24 hour theatre before, but you probably  haven’t seen this done with 24 hour theatre before.

The cast includes Tim Sprague, Mason Hallberg, Meghan McConnell, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Tim Padilla, Jason Britt, Abbe Rowlins, Sarah McCann, and Karen Zumsteg. Writers include Brad Wilcox, Jason Britt, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Chelsea Sutton, Sabrina Lloyd, and Laura Lee Bahr. Stage manager: Jennifer Salas.

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