The 99 Diaries: The First Week

So this whole “write a blog post every day once we start rehearsals” thing didn’t work out so well this first week.  This is for a few reasons…but it all comes down to me feeling completely overwhelmed.

Not necessarily overwhelmed by this production itself, but with everything else piled on top of it.  I’m also directing the Traveling Carnival Freakshow, which is a cabaret based on the story of the Nutcracker, and we’re opening December 3.  Opening the cabaret so soon after 99 rehearsals begin is both good and bad.  Good: both productions are in very different places right now and need my attention in different ways.  Bad: the cabaret is in CRUNCH TIME and I have a lot of technical issues to work out with it – plus all the opening night and tech week jitters that go with this time.

Also, I have to make pies for Thanksgiving.  Not sure when that is going to happen.  Plus work.  Plus freelance jobs.  Plus… exhaustion.

The first week of rehearsals for 99 Impossible Things was all about slow starts – talking about the scenes and characters, getting the scenes on their feet, doing VERY loose blocking and (for me) getting a general sense of what it’s like to have 9 actors on stage all at once – so I can adjust the set and blocking plans NOW rather than later.  Yeesh.  And despite my paranoia and peak stress levels, I feel like it was a relatively productive.

Before rehearsals began, we had a production meeting on November 7 – my lighting designer Rebecca Bonebrake did a Skype call in since she was in tech in San Diego for another show (which proved to be rather hilarious).  Tonight I had another check in meeting at the theater with my set designer Bryan Forrest, during which I told him my set concerns gathered throughout the week, and we worked out some adjustments.  I LOVE my design team.  In my moments of desperation and freak out (which there have already been several) they have redirected and reconfirmed my inspiration and enthusiasm with their creativity and ideas.  I know there will be much much more of that – but I’m already thankful.

There is a lot of work ahead – but I’m entering week 2 with renewed enthusiasm that I can handle what’s ahead and that this project is worth doing.  I’ve gotten past the most AWKWARD week in the rehearsal cycle, so now its time to hunker down and get the real work done.

Tickets are already available HERE.

Tickets to the Traveling Carnival Freakshow are available HERE

And look for updates (almost) every day from now on!  (I’ll really try this time.)

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