Hurricane Season 2010

Tonight is the night – Block One of Hurricane Season 2010 is opening!  The reason I’m happy about this (aside from the fact that Hurricane Season is actually HAPPENING at all – thanks to the lovely producers RJ, Beth & Susan) is that the one-act I co-wrote with Jason Britt, called “Ouija”, is the first show up in this block!  I saw the dress rehearsal last night and was very happy with the result.  Jason is also playing one of the leads so he needs some audience support.

Hurricane Season is at the Eclectic Company Theatre at 5312 Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood/Valley Village.  You can get tickets HERE or HERE or HERE.  Or just show up!  There are two other great one acts in the block as well: “Good Cop” and “Blonde Alibi” – and they are definitely worth a gander.

I really do love “Ouija” and I know the cast (Jason Britt, Jen Kuhn, Mark Hill and Shaina Vorspan) and director Wendy Radford have worked hard on it so I’d really love for people to see it.  Caution: there’s a bit of smoking in it (by a bit I mean kinda of a lot).  Caution: they curse a lot.  Caution: I promise you’ll enjoy the play…but if there are any parts of it you don’t like, well… those are the parts that Jason wrote.  So don’t complain to me.

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