The 99 Diaries – Entry #10: First Reading!

I had my first reading of “99 Impossible Things” last Wednesday at a friend’s house – I asked 9 actor friends to come over, drink wine (wine makes my writing sound WAY better) and read the script cold, so I could hear it out loud.  Woo!  It was crazy stressful but incredibly helpful!

I say it was stressful because as soon as I’m about to hear something of mine out loud, my temperature shoots up, I get tunnel vision, I become ultra sensitive to what everyone is doing around me (sighing, yawning, shifting in their seats) and go into this kind of tense coma.  Seems kinda strange for a playwright yeah?  Since I’m writing stuff that is SUPPOSED to be read out loud?

I guess I have this angst-y lack of self-confidence where, no matter how good I felt about the piece BEFORE that moment where it’s put on display, I begin to doubt every word I’ve written.  And then I go into this hyper-state of being and freak out in my head, even when things are going fine.  Time goes very slowly, and I suddenly feel like I’ve written a four hour play rather than a two-hour play.

That’s definitely what I did at this reading.

And it has nothing to do with the actors or anyone else.  In fact, none of these actors had seen the script before this moment, so they did pretty damn good for reading completely cold.  And I did see where things lagged a bit or were too long or didn’t make sense (I was taking notes the whole time, though, I think half of what I wrote will be ignored anyway.)  I think the script is in a relatively good place right now, and I can now start looking for a director…which is a whole other adventure.  Anyone know any directors who have a lot of free time in November/December?

I don’t think I’ll ever get over this angst of mine – I’ll just have to get used to building this aneurism up ever time I hear something (particularly something NEW) read out loud for public opinion.


Reminders: Comedy Fundraiser on July 25!

Next Steps:

1. More revisions

2. Find a director

3. Host another reading at the Eclectic in September

4. July 25 fundrasier

5. Yard sales in August!  Donate your unwanted junk!

more to come…

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