The 99 Diaries – Entry #9: Comedy Fundraiser!

Now that the walk-a-thon is over, we’re on to the next fundraiser!  The most stressful thing about putting on a play is finding the funds to actually make it happen – and I’ve never been too good at asking people for help (or money!)  Thanks to the generosity of Becky Bordo, Oded Gross, Scott Silverman and Max Zarou, we’ll be hosting a little comedy night fundraiser at the Brand Cigar Club and Lounge in Glendale!

The jokes start at 8pm – it’s only $9 at the door (all of which goes to the fund of “99 Impossible Things”).  It’s going to be a fun fun night, so come on out!   Email me if you have any questions at:

In other 99 news: I’m having a living room reading of the play next Wednesday, which will be helpful – I’m at a point where I definitely need to hear it out loud so I can tighten the story, make the character voices more specific, and just generally make sure it makes sense!  Yay!

I’ve also started a draft of the poster:

And we continue on…

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