The 99 Diaries – Entry #8: THE MAGIC BEAN WALK-A-THON!

Taylor, Questa and I halfway up the trail to the Observatory.

The Magic Bean Walk-A-Thon (which I feel like I’ve been talking about FOREVER at this point) finally happened last Saturday, June 12 from 9am until about 1:30pm (we took our time and did a little stop off at the Observatory as well).  Wonderful friends and fellow Eclectic Company Theatre members accompanied me – Taylor Ashbrook and Questa Gleason.

We started at Fern Dell, just across from the Trails Cafe (where we ended up eating lunch at the end – they make a mean egg salad sandwhich!).  We walked up the trail to the Observatory – a lot of steep up-hill walking, but not too bad.  And there were plenty of lovely views of the city and the Hollywood sign along the way.

He’s that little spot on the top of the hill. Even from that far away, the music was awful.

When we stopped to look at the Hollywood sign, we heard a strange horn-like sound.  It took a minute, but we finally saw, on a distant hill, a lone-horn blower sitting atop a hill overlooking the city and blowing (rather terribly) into some oversized Ricola-like horn.  I guess it’s the only place his roommate would let him practice.

Taylor, me and Questa at the Observatory

After taking a quick break at the Observatory,

we ventured on to the top of Mt. Hollywood (which is NOT the mountain

At the top!

where the Hollywood sign is, by the by).  We were lucky that it was nice and overcast the entire morning, so the conditions couldn’t have been more perfect.

The top of Mt. Hollywood offers a great 360 degree view of the valley and city.  We sat there for a while, watching the birds glide down the incline and wondering how that little clump of palm trees ended up in the middle of the park…

View form the Observatory roof.

On our way back down, we couldn’t resist stopping in to the Observatory for just a few minutes, making our way to the roof top to take a look.

It was a lovely lovely day, a lovely walk with lovely people!  Thank you to everyone who donated and supported me and helped in a thousand ways!  Despite the fact that we were only three actually walking, it looks like this fundraiser helped raise over $1000 for the production of “99 Impossible Things”!   There will be plenty more fundraising excitement to come, but this was a FANTASTIC way to start if off!

And I highly suggest this route for a hike…if you feel like a hike.

That mountain? Yeah, we just climbed that.
Taylor and Questa on the Observatory roof

2 thoughts on “The 99 Diaries – Entry #8: THE MAGIC BEAN WALK-A-THON!

  1. Sorry you had such a small turnout, but so glad to hear you’re raising money! I will give you my check when I see you at the MTM next week. Congrats and cheers!


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