The 99 Diaries: Entry #7 – Testing the Walk

My boyfriend and I tested out the route for the Magic Bean Walk-A-Thon on Monday – and it was quite lovely!  A bit steep at points (definitely more of a light hike rather than a stroll through the park) it starts at Fern Dell, winds up to the Observatory, then on to Mt. Hollywood and back and takes around 2.5 hours.  (Mt. Hollywood is not the mountain on which the Hollywood sign rests, though you have a pretty good view of the sign as you’re hiking – see pictures below.)

The Observatory and the city beyond.
The Hollywood Sign
Walking back down – John Paul walks much faster than me.

I can’t wait until the actual day!  There are about three of us walking, so it should be a fun morning!

On the script front, I’ve finished a draft finally that is very close to what it’s going to be.  Mostly smaller adjustments and rewrites now.  Yay!  I’ll be scheduling a reading or two very soon.

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