The 99 Diaries: Entry #6 – Three Weeks & Yard Sales

The Magic Bean 9K Walk-A-Thon is only three weeks away – my oh my how time does fly…or walk, in this case.

I’m still on the look out for sponsors as well as fellow walkers!  I’ve gotten close to $600 worth of pledges so far, and that’s just for me walking by myself…but I would love to have some company!   I have a few people sorta confirmed to walk as well, but if there’s anyone else out there who’d like to come out for a little exercise, a little fun and to raise a little money, please let me know!

Even if all you can raise is $1 and a can of olives, that’s still helpful!  I can feed the olives to my cast, and use the $1 to buy some scotch tape to hold up my set.  Yay!

The walk-a-thon is on June 12 starting at 9am, starting at Ferndell in Griffith Park, walking up to the Observatory, on to Mt Hollywood and back.  I’m checking out the route this weekend to make sure its kosher – so be on the lookout for pictures and/or video about my adventure!

On another fundraising note, I’m planning on throwing a couple yard sales in August, so if anyone is in the middle of spring/summer cleaning and has a load of stuff they’re planning on just giving away anyway, give me a call and I’ll take it off your hands!  I’ll be putting the word out again soon, but for now, just think of me as The Goodwill.  I’ll even give you a receipt for tax deduction purposes if you’d like.

Script Update: doing last revisions this weekend (actually, tonight!) and will very soon be begging people to be involved in a cozy reading at my apartment so I can begin the workshopping process.  The process with this play is strange, since it’s been worked on and produced before, but the rewrites are significant enough that some readings and feedback are very necessary.  Hopefully the original cast will still be able to recognize it…if they come see it, that is.  Which, by the way, they will all receive VIP invitations 🙂

Other Fundraisers: A newly found friend, Becky Bordo and I will be hosting a spectacular fundraiser at the Brand Cigar Bar on July 25 – we will have a fabulous act for a small door fee – details will be coming soon – but mark your calendars now!

Artwork: I’ve begun working on the artwork for the show…half of me wishes I’d hire a real graphic designer or illustrator, but I don’t have the money and, frankly, I’m a bit of a control freak.  I’ll post drafts as I make them!

Frustration Update: So part of the reason I wanted to write little updates about my production process with this show (the entries will increase as we get farther into production, there’s more to do, and, frankly, there’s more drama!) is to document, however sporadically (a word I learned from the classic movie Clueless) what it’s like to produce small theatre in LA.  I’m lucky in specifically two ways: I belong to a wonderful theater company which, thanks to the Children’s Theater revenue and member dues, is able to provide the space and a publicist for free – two HUGE expenses I don’t really have to worry about, thus cutting out a lot of fundraising stress.

This doesn’t mean fundraising is all fun and games.  I’ve talked to so many people lately about how frustrating it is to do constant fundraising in order to stay alive.  And really, when you’re doing small fundraisers where you do a bunch of work and only make $500, it can get disheartening if you’re stuck in that cycle.  I was at a strategic planning for ensemble theaters meeting on Monday discussing just such a problem.  And it came up again when Kerr Lordygan (the ECT President) and I were on an internet radio show called ArtMag Radio on Tuesday.  It can get especially difficult when this is not something you can really focus on for a living – you have to find time between your day job, rehearsal or writing session to somehow write a grant.  But, if it’s your passion, you find a way.

Out of the radio show might come some exciting new steps toward helping small theater survive – ways we can make it easier to get the word out and connect with our communities.  In the meantime, as the new VP of Development and Outreach at ECT, I’ll be studying and racking my brain to figure out what we, from a grassroots level, and can begin to do.  A lot of it begins with good business practices, understanding the grant writing process, and creating relationships with the audience and community.

In any case, I feel like I have something to fight for.  The battle begins now.

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