Script Frenzy!

Two updates:

One: I was one of 20 honorable mentions in the Writers Weekly 24-Hour Short Story Challenge (I know that doesn’t sound too cool…but there were at least 500 participants…so it’s not too shabby).  Basically, you are given a prompt and a number of words and you have 24 hours to write a short story.  Pretty fun.  And I won some free e-books.
Two: I’m planning on participating in Script Frenzy (from the creators of National Novel Writing Month).  I completely FAILED at NANOWRMO but Script Frenzy seems more doable.  You have to write 100 pages in 30 days – that’s 3 1/3 pages per day.  If I can’t do that…well, maybe I should find something else to do with my life.  This is for writing of plays, screenplays, graphic novels, TV shows and other scripted material.  I have a play and screenplay I’m going to try my hand at (haven’t picked which one yet – heck, maybe both…that would only be 6 2/3 pages per day).  Who’s with me??

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