The 99 Diaries: Entry #1

Okay, I need to make a list of people who encouraged me to produce my own play. Because really. Really? I need people to blame in the program.

Some months ago I apparently thought it would be a grand idea to produce my first full length play (it is both the first full length I ever wrote AND the first full length of mine that I have produced in LA – well, la de da). It’s title? 99 Impossible Things. For those of you who were around me in my last year of college, you know the title quite well. You probably heard nothing BUT that title for a good, oh, five or six months.

It all started when I got involved with some hooligans named Naomi Solomon and Pamela Capalad and started doing silly little plays every quarter. And then senior year came around and we were all….shit! What do we do as our final show! Crap! The real world is so close! What do we do with our lives?!!!

And out of that came 99 Impossible Things, which I wrote specifically for our group as our final farewell. Because, well, we thought we should waste our time on a silly play rather than plan for the rest of our lives. Quite a good idea, I think.

And now I’m in LA and I’m thinking: “You know, the only way it seems to get produced as a young playwright in this town is to just do it yourself. Do I have any plays finished?”

And thus 99 Impossible Things rose (impossibly) from the dead. With significant re-writes, of course.

I am now starting my journey on the road of new playwright/producer – and thought I’d blog about it. I’m going to keep posting updates as things progress – until we finally open next year.

That’s right! 99 Impossible Things will receive its new World/LA Premiere at the Eclectic Company Theatre in January 2011! Mark your calendars folks! It’s going to be…well…interesting!

I hope you’ll follow along because, believe me, I’ll need all the help and support I can get.

For now, I’ll leave you with a little check list of To-Do’s that must be started in the next week:
1. Finish the rewrite of 99 Impossible Things (I’m close – more details on this later) and schedule a reading of it.
2. Start fundraising!!!!! GAHHH!! I’ll need to raise about $4,000 to do this right (more details to follow)
3. Start the marketing/promotional plan of attack – start the buzz now!
4. Figure out the artwork
5. Start asking for help (I’m really bad at this…but I’ve already asked Laura and Questa and they didn’t say no, so I’m ahead 2-0)

That’s all for now…more to come.

the ORIGINAL gangstas: the cast of “99 Impossible Things” circa 2007

4 thoughts on “The 99 Diaries: Entry #1

  1. SCREEE! I’m so excited to hear that. Can I get tickets WAY in advance? Chelsea, I’m so happy for you. Good luck with all the work you have ahead. If you need a reader for Dr. Martin, I would be willing to do it.

  2. It’s always some smart ass that get’s you into trouble. I seem to remeber one young lady that was egging me along. I don’t know if I can recall her name but the first half of her first name sounded like chel and I’m pretty sure it ended in sea.

    So if I had anything to do with getting you to jump into this uncomfortable zone of non-stop forward momenteum. Then just consider it my special way of saying…Thanks.

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