Live @ the Libe!

My short play “Dot Dot Dot” will be presented in a reading series through ALAP (Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights) on March 6 at 2pm!  Check out the rest of the line up and other dates as well:

LIVE @ THE LIBE – One Act Festival
Sunday February 28
2:00 PM
West Los Angeles Regional Branch
11360 Santa Monica Blvd 310-575-8323

1,2, Skidoo by Terry McFadden
Happy and Gay by Mary Steelsmith
It’s Done All The Time by Terry McFadden
Sourpuss by Dan Berkowitz
The Stone Cat by Stephanie Hutchinson
Bailing Out by Arthur Jolly


Wednesday March 3
6:30 PM
Westwood Branch Library
1246 Glendon Ave 310-474-1739

Egg by Erin Mclaine
Mrs. Invisible by Robert Hecker
Strangers On A Train by Mona Deutsch Miller
Super 8 versus Bacara Resort and Spa by Stephanie Hutchinson
The Pitch by Gene Lesser


Saturday March 6
2:00 PM
Donald Kaufman Brentwood Branch Library
11820 San Vicente Blvd 310-575-8273

Dot Dot Dot by Chelsea Sutton
Scraps by Chris Hare
Seldom is Heard by Mary Steelsmith
Shadows Round The Moon by Janice Kennedy
Charlie by Janice Kennedy
Three Syllables of Shame by Rom Watson
The Light Blue Sea by Bill Hyatt

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