One Weekend Down…

The first weekend of CHASING ANGELS went so well!  After watching it the first two nights in panic/tunnel vision, I was actually able to watch and absorb on Sunday, and think about how I can rewite.

I’m very happy with how the play has turned out.  The writing is not perfect – the plot is thin and there are holes everywhere (I don’t think everything translated from its original version) but having a group of fine actors and a lovely director work on it has done wonders!  I actually look forward to watching it, which is a funny feeling.  If this hadn’t happened, its quite possible that this play would have just died in a drawer somewhere.  But now, maybe I’ll do something with it.

Or maybe it will still die in a drawer…but at least it had its moment.


Come see the show the final weekend!  Buy tickets online at BrownPaperTickets.

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