My New York Playwriting Premiere!

This past June, I was honored to be included in the Writer/Director Forum at the Looking Glass Theatre in New York!  My official New York premiere!

The Reason Why I Lie, a one act of mine that originally premiered in the UCSB New Plays Festival in 2006, was produced for a whole weekend!  June 11-14 at the Looking Glass Theatre on 57th Street.

I have to say that the actors and director were amazing – it was scary and exciting to see a show of mine done basically without my input at all.  That had never happened before!  Dress rehearsal on June 10 was the first time I met the actors, the director and had seen the space.

What really got me was the amount of people who came out to see the show and support me.  I had seven people come with me to opening night – so believe me, I had a support system in place!  Special thanks to everyone who supported me – it really meant a lot.

Also, they did audience voting, and during our week, the lead actor in my play (Ramesh Ganeshran who played “Stew”) won for best actor!  I also got Honorable Mention as Best Playwright by the Looking Glass Judges.  Yay!


One thought on “My New York Playwriting Premiere!

  1. Hello, I am looking for a One-Act to direct, “The Reason Why I Lie” seems very interesting. Is there any way to get more information about the play? Also, how would I go about getting rights to perform the play?
    Thank you so much, I look forward to getting any information I can! 🙂

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