With Coffee Spoons

Chelsea Sutton, Writer & Playwright

Chelsea Sutton is a writer and playwright living in Los Angeles.
She stole the name of this site from a T.S. Eliot poem. She also wears a jean jacket much of the time.

PEN Center USA’s 2016 Emerging Voices Fellows. From left to right: Chelsea Sutton, Jian Huang, Marnie Goodfriend, Wendy Labinger, and Natalie Lima.

“I hate those movies, those books, where some guy gets to go off and have adventures and meanwhile the girl has to stay home and wait. I’m a feminist. I subscribe to Bust magazine, and I watch Buffy reruns. I don’t believe in that kind of shit.”
Kelly Link

WOOD BOY DOG FISH, Written by Chelsea Sutton and Directed by Sean T. Cawelti, it is a modern macabre retelling of Carlo Collodi’s “The Aventures of Pinocchio.” More info at rogueartists.org/woodboydogfish

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